UPDATE ** FIX ** Version 1.2

Arte changed some things- I had to make changes to. Everything back to normal.

(+ Plus first configuration is much less problematic now!)

Download it, and tell your friends!



Even Better: A702 Version 1.1

The "german language problem" was fixed, and some other small bugfixes.



Using arte+7, some users experience problems viewing the content on the web. Some, want to download videos to watch them later. To serve this purpose we developed a702, a dowloadmanager for windows (Mac and Linux versions are possible) . I hope it works as well for you as for me, and wait for your comments in the Guestbook.

After the last version worked for exactly 2 days, because of arte's change of system, it took us two months to rebuild it from the ground. You will see, that it was worth it! No more external programms, no more copy & paste (if you don't want) - just two clicks to get your favorite show.

Happy 2011!

Nikita Turing