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Hello. My name is Tomek from Poland.

tomekbaine | 10/04/2019

hello everyone, i am Tomek from Poland.

Hmmm, i am developer from 17 years. I would to help.

dariajaf | 22/02/2019

Магазин очень порадовал, ранее скептично относился к такого рода площадкам, но после покупки аккаунта, приобретенного здесь, мое мнение полностью изменилось, сначала порадовали цены, а затем и моментальная доставка, не могу нарадоваться своей покупке!??

Website kann in meinem Land nicht wiedergegeben werden

Guest from China | 31/01/2014

Gibt es dazu eine Lösung? Denn dann geht auch der Download nicht ....
Desperate Guest from China

Does not download date 5th October 2013

Franz47 | 05/10/2013

Tried the first time. Wanted to download a video appearing in the list after loading,view,rss.xml in the address line. Clicking Download results in the video appearing beneath, but then clicking Start does not have any effect. I have changed the directory for saving movies to another one than default but I think that should not make any problem. Have they invented another obstacle?

Re: Does not download date 5th October 2013

Dennis29 | 07/10/2013

Having the same proplem as Franz47 (Win Xp with firefox24.0). Any suggestions?

Re: Re: Does not download date 5th October 2013

Working Shareware alternatives | 15/10/2013

Use or , being GetFlv still the best shareware alternative for streaming downloads including videos on or : fast & reliable with automatic file name recognition.

Re: Re: Re: Does not download date 5th October 2013

Horst | 23/10/2013

Why spending money? - there are a lot of free options!!! We don´t like comercial things. Give up with your GetFlv

!!! We need an OS-X Version !!!

Airfric | 24/09/2013

!!! We need an OS-X Version !!!

it works

Maik | 28/08/2013

Works great! Thanks so much!!

Re: it works

Jonny | 19/09/2013

Yes, and the best is - you can download even films, which are blocked abroad Super!

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