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Re: Re: download doesn't start

Martina | 02/04/2012

the same here !!! ;-(((

Re: Re: Re: download doesn't start

tao | 04/04/2012

Same here...

HQ or SQ

fischel | 10/11/2011

Great work!! Is there a possibility to choose between HQ and SQ ? I load a video and it works well. The file is 720x404px - looks like HQ. Was it just luck or will the app load automatically HQ?

french language videos

olli | 01/10/2011

Hello everybody,
this programm works fine on my machine. The only question is, how I get the french language version of the film I'm looking for? Even when I choose to import by webpage in french language where I can look at the french version, the download video is in german. Pls help.
Thank you

Re: french language videos

olli | 02/10/2011

I found out, myself. It's in the menu of configuration, where language does not mean the prog's but the film's language.
Perfect prog for me now! Thanks a lot.

start of download

blubediblub | 28/09/2011

The download only started when i checked "Save in application directory" in the configuration menu. Other folders wouldn't work. Just in case anybody else encounters this problem

TCustomForm.ShowModal impossible

jan | 22/09/2011

Im using Linux / Ubuntu with Wine

TCustomForm.ShowModal impossible

jan | 22/09/2011

I just can't configure the downloader and tell the path to rtmdump.exe

If i try to open the Configuration Menu i got the Error Message:

TCustomForm.ShowModal impossible

How can i configure the downloader?

Re: TCustomForm.ShowModal impossible

blabla | 16/11/2011

create a file in your directory with the exe. config.xml with the content:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<config CheckBox1_Checked="1" CheckBox2_Checked="1" version_text_Text="1100" ComboBox1_ItemIndex="0" FileNameEdit1_FileName="C:\path\to\rtmpdump.exe" cliboard_check_Checked="1" DirectoryEdit1_Directory="C:\path\to\Downloads\"/>

maybe that works?

Re: Re: TCustomForm.ShowModal impossible

michael | 17/11/2011

works for me with wine-1.3.32, thanks!

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