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please please open source it

patrick | 21/09/2011

that would be really great, i'd love to add a timer feature and other stuff. and i'd love to see how you did the magic ;-) so it could be extended to other stream sites.

best regards and thanx a billion

rapidshare download

someone | 20/09/2011

the rapidshare link does not work for me:
Download not available.

Can anyone up it somewhere else?


wolv | 02/09/2011

ARTE download works fine if you use rtmpdump 2.4 and the appropriate settings ... It seems that flashplayer has become more radical in questioning the validity of the connection every few seconds, but 2.4 can handle that. Many connection errors, but resulting file 100% ok.

download problem

rowan | 21/08/2011

while downloading, the message appears: ERROR: RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP Packet body . len 67308.
help please?

Please release source so we can fix stupid bugs, thanks!

Cambo Angaln | 13/08/2011

Could you plese release the source code for this piece of software? I would like to fix a few very annoying and stupid bugs - e.g if a file with same name already exists it will be overwritten - this is really a PITA.

download aborted

taugeroad | 11/08/2011

seems to be a general problem of the arte+7 homepage as even the complete legal stream watching is aborted after about one minute....

incomplete download

arteh | 04/08/2011

it seems like using rtmpdump 2.3 with -swfVfy will only download for one minute, regardless of how large a part of the movie you've already gotten (highspeed DSL is definitively an advantage here).
I suppose the Flash Player will re-auth every minute and rtmpdump fails to mimic this behaviour. At least I don't have a better idea for now.

Re: incomplete download

nige1 | 08/08/2011

i've had the same problem, as already posted in the guestbook -silly me. anyway, (sometimes) downloading the whole vids worked, when i open any arte vid in the player on the website (paused).
i think, this regards to your finding, that the flash player re-auths to the website.
i succussfully downloaded all of the "nacht der sterne" documentaries by this workaround.
it's not a smart solution, i know. but hopefully helps, until nikiti could update a702 to get rid of this problem, if there is a way to.


Re: Re: incomplete download

taugeroad | 11/08/2011

Sorry nige1, but your method doesn´t work. Hopefully, this problem will be solved soon. Are there any other possibilities to get the vids from arte? I Don´t care which language. especially interested in the doku about train riding in eritrea. can anybody help, please?

Re: Re: Re: incomplete download

dave m | 12/08/2011

i tool an never version of RTMPDUMP (dated 31.08.2010) and replaced the one dated 30.06.2010. works fine! The file was included in RTLNowFreeContentLoader v1.2.9

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