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Re: Re: Re: Re: incomplete download

dave m | 12/08/2011

sorry, it worked 1 time....but then it stucks as well ;(


ART LOVER | 02/08/2011


incomplete download

geja | 25/07/2011

all downloads stop after 46 MB - regardless of number of simultaneous downloads


can't download

aaron | 21/05/2011

i've got a problem when starting the downloaad in a702:
after selecting the video i want to download ( it appears in the lower part of the a702 (ver.1.1) window. i have 2 options: change filename or start downloading. pressing "start" nothing really happens except that the green line fills up very quickly...

i have also crated a run.bat file as described before on page 2:
rtmpdump -r rtmp:// --swfVfy -o video.flv

trying to run this bat file nothing happens too.
what am i doing wrong?

"Failed to execute [...] rtmpdump.exe [...]"

Hugo | 21/05/2011

I thought I found the solution to my wish to download Arte films. However, after having set the path for rtmpdump and trying to download any film, an error message pops up saying "Failed to execute [... path ...]\rtmpdump.exe --swfVfy [...] :193" with the option to press OK "to ignore and risk data corruption" or "Cancel to kill the program". The latter exits A702, the former returns to A702 without doing anything. I would appreciate any hint to solve the problem. Thanks a lot!

Re: "Failed to execute [...] rtmpdump.exe [...]"

NIKITA | 02/06/2011

Hey Hugo,

i just checked - I can not reproduce the error. It works for me... Does it work for you too, now?

I found the Bug

Nikita Turing | 03/04/2011

Finally, German folks!
The Bug was in the Parsing of COPIED URLs only, not the ones retrieved from RSS. As I always test with Rss, i could not reproduce it. Will be fixed soon!

Re: I found the Bug

Mario | 19/04/2011

Hello Nikita,
the program (v1.1) starts. The RSS feeds are read, but if pressed to download and open a second window is empty. It is not loaded

Something does not work yet.


Re: I found the Bug (UPDATE)

Mario | 19/04/2011

My mistake. I have tested it again, now it is.
I had provided in the file in the wrong drawer ...
Sorry. Good work. Thank you.


Step by step instructions

Mario | 03/04/2011

Now you can pull all the Films of Arte.

I have found an image that you just explained the process. Have fun.

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