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Re: Re German

Mischa | 28/03/2011

thanks a lot!

french only :(

llutz | 26/03/2011

still only french versions are downloaded :(


Nikita | 23/03/2011

Can you give me an example link (on arte)

Re: German

S. | 23/03/2011

Re: German

Got it... | 23/03/2011

They seem to have changed sth... I don't have time to fix it the next couple of days, but after I'll take care of it. Thx for letting me know the bug!

Re: Re: German

Brack | 23/03/2011

Cool, thank you!

BTW, you might be interested to hear that it's working under linux using WINE. There are some graphics bugs but it is usable.


Jan | 21/03/2011

Program works fine but can't download in German language.
Does anybody know how to do so?

Re: German

mart | 22/03/2011

i have the same problem - any ideas?

Re: German

DW | 25/03/2011

just use rtmpdump 2.3
-r rtmp:// --swfVfy -o test1.flv

Re: Re: German

Jan | 25/03/2011

Thanks, download in German language is now possible.

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